Amsoil, Apsco and Kwik-way Iraq Distributor


Our company established at 1989 of General Trading, importing and exporting and the founder is Tareq Al-Shyea who was a Members of Iraqi American IACCI Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Iraq.

We had exported to UK Dates and Vegetables at 1989.

In importing we had a large relationships with the Europe and US.

Trading General Automotive Engines Rebuilding Equipment Machines.

Precision Measuring Instruments Specialist in the Field for General Automotive Engines Rebuilding Equipment Machines. 

Stones Grinding Wheel and Cutter for all the metal and machines. 

Stone diamond dressers.  

Portable cylinder hone and stone seat for portable cylinder hone for General Automotive Engines Rebuilding Equipment. 

We are now providing to our clients the best synthetics, motor oil, gear lube, transmission fluid and many more of AMSOIL.

Meet The Team

Tareq Al-Shayei

(Managing Director)

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Mobile: +9647507395811 IRAQ
Mobile: +90537 4416481 TURKEY
Int No.: +905448778727
Tel:+964 1 8167942
Telfax:+964 1 8864550

Sawsen Al-Abudulkareem

(Partner & Marketing Manager)

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Emad Al-Khazraji

(Business Development Manager)

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Mobile: +905389829975
Mobile: +966543365236



Ahmed ALshayei

(Marketing Directer)

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Mobile: +905389829923

Mobile: +9647500662831 IRAQ
Mobile: +966545577417
Mobile: +966507969866
Mobile: +905389829961
Telfax: +964 1 8864550