• APSCO SuperPower Gasoline Engine Oil API SL/CF SAE 20W50

    APSCO SuperPower Gasoline Engine Oil API SL/CF SAE 20W50 is a trusted name in automotive oils based on revolutionary concepts meeting the performance levels required by today’s gasoline engines. Super Power 20W-50 provides good cold starting, high resistance to sludge, low volatility characteristics and low oil consumption.
    APSCO Super Power 20W-50 motor oil is high viscosity oil that provides a cushioning and protection against metal contact and more effective sealant than extend engine life.


    It is recommended for gasoline and diesel vehicles of every type, turbo charged or naturally aspirated, which require API SL quality oil. It can also be used for diesel engines where API Service Category CF and earlier categories are recommended. It exceeds the performance requirements of most car manufacturers.

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